At Work

Almost any kind of workplace can expose you to danger. If you are hurt because your employer has put you in harm's way, it is your employer's responsibility to compensate you for your losses. This involves a realm of law called worker's compensation. If, however, your employer is not to blame for your injury, but rather there is another company, or employee of another company who is responsible, then you may have a case that goes beyond the normal worker's compensation claim.

If your workplace injury is the result of a faulty or dangerous machine, you may have a third party claim. These claims are typically brought against the manufacturer, distributor, seller and/or party who rents or who has sold the machine to your employer. Third party claims may also result from other kinds of dangerous conditions, including toxic chemicals, inadequate training by outside contractors, or failure by outsiders to properly maintain workplace equipment and conditions. In short, an injury you suffer at work that was caused by someone in addition to your employer (or a co-employee) may very well support your legal rights above and beyond a worker's compensation claim.

We have a wealth of experience in handling these complicated third party claims, and we urge you to contact us if you would like to discuss your workplace injury.

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