In and around the home

Even in your home, there can be hidden dangers which may expose you and your family to harm. Common hazards range from faulty plumbing and electric systems to defective tools and appliances. Certain over-the-counter drug products can cause injury or sickness. Even some prescription drugs, which are supposed to provide healing and relief, have been shown to be extremely dangerous.

If you have been injured through the use of any product, from a cigarette lighter to a table saw, to a topical steroid you may have a claim against the manufacturer, seller or distributor of the product which entitles you to compensation. Our firm has broad experience and expertise in handling such products liability cases, and we welcome the chance to speak with you about your potential claim.

Other people's homes, sidewalks and driveways may also be in poor condition in the summer and the winter causing injuries in a variety of ways but frequently, through trips, slips and falls.

Miscellany: improperly waxed floors, icy sidewalks and walkways, inadequate lighting...

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